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Thank you for utilizing our services this year. Our offices are at 5650 Blazer Parkway, Dublin, Ohio by Tuttle Mall just north of Tuttle Crossing. A full-time receptionist is on staff Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Look for the AmeriCenter Office Building on the corner of ParkCenter and Blazer Parkway (one driveway south of the water tower and sharing a driveway to the east with Homewood Suites hotel).

Call us at (614) 734-8451 for an appointment or send an email to our office by clicking here.

Federal Tax filing deadline date is Wednesday, April 18, 2018 unless you file for an extension.  If all your paperwork is not in our offices before Friday, March 30, 2018 it is possible that we will need to file an extension for you. An extenstion does not extend the time to pay ... it only extends time to file the returns with all the proper details. So ... if you aren't going to be able to get the necessary paperwork to me, at least get the check in the mail (postmarked before April 18, 2018) or go online and pay your bill at the government's website.

We will need a copy of your Driver's License or State Identification Card in order to file your return, even returning clients. Ohio also requires a valid email address.





Senior Tax Strategies of Ohio, LLC
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Find your name in one of the boxes below. This will let you know where your return stands in the process (for a more detailed description, click on the title of your box).



Missing Items



Gary S

NOTE:  Missing items can be faxed to (614) 452-8281, dropped at either location, or scanned and attached to an email
Martha B
Wes and Jane W
Etta Mae D
Budd F
Jeri and Sarah H
Jean M

In Process
Ready for Pick Up

Ed and Vickie P
Steven C
Alex Z
Steven C

5650 Blazer Parkway, Dublin

NOTE: We will NOT e-file
your Return until we
have received your

and a copy of your driver's license

Every packet that remained at the front desk as of Monday, May 14 has been mailed to your address on file


** I MUST HAVE A COPY OF YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE IN ORDER TO E-FILE YOUR RETURN (and a valid email address for Ohio returns) **

If your name appears below your return has NOT been e-filed. I must receive your signed e-file authorization form back before I will e-file your returns. Please review your return before returning your signed e-file authorization form.

Claudia W, Mark and Cindy L, POPS. Gail C, Sherry M, Jeff Y

If your name appears above, please review your return for accuracy and return the signed e-file authorization form to the office as soon as possible. All returns must be e-filed by Wednesday, April 18, 2018 in order to be considered timely filed.




Wes and Jane W, Diane B, Etta Mae, POPS, Catherine S and Stephen L, Gary S, Jeri and Sarah H, Budd F, Mark and Cindy L, Rachel and Jason K, Ed and Vicki Phelps, Kim and Katherine M, Richard K and Madeleine T, Ty and Brit H, Joseph and Irma C, Teena A, Darren and Sherri S, Jeff Y, Trent and Gwen D, Bill and Marsha W, Martha B, Keith and Jean Willis, Greg and Joyce G, Jeremiah and Casey S, Marcella M, Gail C, Sherry M, Scott and Alli D, Jean M, Steven Crabtree, Martha B

Need information in order to complete extension request: (extensions can no longer be filed)




If your name appears below I have efiled your return.  If there is a date after your name that is the date I received confirmation that your e-filed Federal Return has been accepted and if you are due a refund it should be issued to you within 3-4 weeks from the date listed on your Form 9325.

Charles and Sandra A, Bonnie W, Amy B, Bob and Sally C, Visnja B, Aaron and Amanda H, Jonah B, Phyllis A, Thomas and Michelle R Sr, Nichole H, Micaela R, Dale and Brenda E, Chris and Morgan H, Betty M, Larry and JoAn C, Prez M, Tom R Jr, Lizzy B, John and Kris B, Paul M, Mary N, Jeff and Jayne L, Ray and June M, Kathy D, John W, Becky S, Tom J, Bob and Jo J, Melva B, Marissa E, Barb E, Zachary E7, Pat A, Shakeel K, Milt P, Don and Ethel M, Kayla E, Michelle and Michael E, Tara H8, Douglas H, Jennifer B, Gregory B, Emily B, Patricia G, James G, Kristen B, Richard and L Carol B, Gary and Jennifer P, Bill and Ella P, Paul and Dorothy S, Dave and Sarah B 3/6, Dan and Pat C, Thomson and Loveleen L, Johnathon and Jessica D, Ginny M, Kim S, Luke S, Sharon A, Jason and Raechel C, Will R, Barbara R, Lidiya Z, Tatyana Z, Carole B, Stefanie H, Ron and Jan H, Diane E, Hannah and Jeremy C 3/14, Lorraine W, Andy G, Christine G, Linda L, Barb B, Margie D, Fahad A, Zainab A, Bilal and Huda A, Lucas S and Miranda P, Susan C, Matt and Ashley H, Dennis and Jackie V, John and Gina R, Lauren R, Kyle R, Roger and Bev C, Linda DH, Jess H, Jim H, Samatha S, Ramona S, Dom and Terri T, Kelsey T, Dominic T, Swanand L, Rupali L, Carole C, Derek C, Leigha C, Mark and Janet D, Nathan B, Jo Anne W, Jeff and Heidi B, Cary and Robert L, Lou T, Sharon P, Patricia J, Renee H, Deja J, Bill and Donna C, Renny S, Craig N, Nancy K, Scott and Ellen D, Michael B, Dorothy B, Stephen and Karli H, Paul and Anita V, Joanna P, Jim and Kay H, Cheryl L, Suzanne R, Karen H, Jacob and Sheela Z, Ann K, Michael D and Janice B, Susan O, William O, David O, Luba M, Pam T, Arley and Pearl N, Frank B, Brenda B, Janet P, Cheryl W, Steve and Terri S, Richard A and Ailene M, Caitlyn M, Joanna M, Lizz W, Shashi K, Bhuvana S, Reena J, Zachary and Beth S, Zak L, Merrill T, Manning and Gwin B, Sarah B and Alex S, John R, Don and Carol H, Elaine B, Ethan C, Tyler S, Jim and Kelly C, Ancey V, Larry and Chris L, Charles and Linda W, John and Helen G, Janet H, Corey Y, David Y, Kathleen Y, Matt C, Jerin J, Jidhin J, Jacob T and Susan K, Sriram E and Sindhuja S, Michael and Lisa B, Eric and Linda S, Jacob and Shyla J,Venkata D and Harini B, Craig and Rachel D, Joi S, Kyle Y, Dennis and Debbie G, Betty W, Tmothy and Carrie D, Arun V and Ponselvi M, Ron and Lorraine W, John and Ari T, Matt and Monica M, Jeff C, Barbara C, John M, Alex and Helen B, William and Mary K, Mark and Suzanne E, John G and Muriel M, Evan W, Gregory Q and Morgan MQ, Paul H, Renee H, Ryan and Amanda S,Shay P, Daren P, Ray C, Marie C, Jerry and Katheleen B, Emily B, Deepak R and Divya C, Allie and Niko J, Rachel C, Terry and Janet J, Shaun and Danielle Z, Chelsea P, Allison P, Caleb M, Deanna R, Art and Pat C, Jacci A, Clarence A, Abbas M, Shabaab M, Cynthia M, Nancy D, Chris W, Kimberly Se, Ron and Bonnie R, Ben H, Karen H, Claudia W, Don L, Diana L, Bob K, Marcie K, Joe A and Carolyn G, Dale and Barb J, Michael and Roxanne A, Kyle and Lauren H, Dan M, Barb M, Ethan M, Colin M, Josh M, Danny M, George and Deb M, Liz S, Matt and Alicia C, Rachel and James N, Susan W, Zack and Sharlene S, Tad and Kim S, Patrick M, Kim and Jim M, Teena A, Jerry W, Darren S, Sherrie S, Trent D, Gwen BD, Casey and Jeremiah S, Richard K and Madeleine T, Scott and Alli D, Jean-Ellen W, Keith W, Bill and Marsha W, Joseph C, Irma C, Kim and Katherine M, Geg and Joyce G, Diane B, Ty and Brit H, Marcella M,

Copies of 9325 - the IRS form which verifies receipt of your return have been emailed when I receive them for you to keep in your files.

If your name appears above, and you are scheduled to receive a refund, and you are curious about how soon your refund will arrive, you can use the Where's My Refund bot from the IRS or the Where's My Refund from your state to determine an approximate date of arrival on your refund.  Have your return handy so you can answer the verification questions.

If your name appears above and you did not receive your refund when the Where's My Refund bot predicted, please contact me so I can follow up on it and find out what has gone wrong. Contact me.

Qualifies for the 3-1-18 Returning Client Discount: Ginny M, Paul and Dorothy S, Debbie and Dennis G, Ailene M and Richard A, Sharlene and Zackery S, Scot and Alli D, Craig and Rachel D, Miranda P and Lucas S, Alex and Helen B, Daren and Shay P, Venkata D, Terri and Steve S


2-15-18 Early Bird Discount Qualifiers:: Micaela R, Suzanne R, Jeff Y, Ray and June M, Jerry and Kathleen B, Jacci A, Kristen B, Nathan B, Jacob J, Jacob T and Susan K, Jidhin J, Jerin J, Dom and Terri T, Kelsey T, Dominc T, Jan and Ron H, John and Kris B, Lizzy B, Sharon A, Carole B, Lorraine W, Aaron and Amanda H, Sarah B, Alex S, Katherine and Kim M, Barb E, Amy B, John and Gina R, Amanda and Ryan S, John G and Muriel M, Phyllis A, Chris and Morgan H, , Terry and Janet J, Joseph F, Diane B, Linda L, JoAn and Larry C, Paul and Renee H, Joanna M, Nancy D, Michael and Roxanne A, Brenda and Dale E, Nancy K, Barb B, Diane E, George and Debra M, Bob and Sally C, Michael and Michelle E, Kayla E, Teena A, Joanna P, Tad and Kim S, Lizz W, Patty G, Frank and Brenda B, Michael B, Dorothy B, Webb A, Prez M, Bob and Jo J, Arley and Pearl N, Marie C, Thomson and Loveleen L, Bill and Marsha W, Greta S, Richard K and Madeleine T, Catherine S and Stephen L, Don and Ethel M, Ed and Vicki P, Ron and Bonnie R, Linda and Jim H, Johnathon G, Doug and Wendy W, Bilal A and Huda A, Fahad A, Tom J, Zainab A, Joseph and Irma C, Etta Mae DT, Wes and Jane W, Don and Ethel M, Tatyana Z, Lydia Z,Alex Z, Charles and Sandra A, Jayne and Jeff L, Jennifer B, Mary N, Elaine B, Tom R Jr, Nichole H, Paul M, Jessica and Johnathon D, Shakeel K, Bonnie W, Tom and Michelle R Sr, John M, Susan C, Jennifer and Gary P, Milt P, Dan and Patty C, Bill and Ella P, Kathy D, Visnja B, Mark and Suzanne E, Jo W, Paul and Anita V, Dennis and Jacqueline V, Ancey V, Betty M, Martha B, Trent and Gwen D, Melva B, Budd F, Ramona C, Divya and Deepak R, Tom and Sivia H, Matt and Ashley H, Jim and Kay H, Stefanie H, Doug and Tara H, Ann K, James and Kim M, Dan and Barb M, Marcella M, Darren and Sherrie S, Rich and Vickie V, Cheryl W, Tom J, Hannah and Jeremy C, Roger and Bev C, Mike D, John W, Eleanor W, Sharon P, Bob and Sally C, Betty M, Greg and Morgan Q, Jessica H, Beth and Zach S, Michael and Michelle E, Bhuvana S and Shashi K, Kimberly S, Rob and Cary L, Sharon P, Cynthia M, Jason and Rachel C, Karen H, Jacob and Sheela Z, Diane E, Reena J, John and Shyla J,Will and Barb R, Kim S, Luke S, Samantha S
(if your name appears as this: "name" (with a strike through) it indicates that your discount has been applied to your final invoice)

Qualifies for the March 1 $20 New Client Discount:, Gregory and Joyce G, Stephen and Karli H, Ramona S, Richard and Carol B, Carrie and Timothy D, Patricia J, Deja M J, Kathy Y, Denna R, Renee H, Caleb M, Merrill T, Craig N, Sriram E, Steven C

(if your name appears as this: "name" (with a strike through) it indicates that your discount has been applied to your final invoice)

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