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Lesson Plan 4/5

Objective:  Students will learn how to make better word choices in their writing and to use words that are related to certain emotions

Opening Activity (10 minutes):  300 word choice activity reverse charade game.  Students will be given sentences to act out.  Each time the sentence is given the verb describing “said” will be changed or an adjective or adverb will be added in to make it different and more colorful.  Students will be reminded that the basic parts of the sentences are still the same … it’s just the words we have used to dress it up that give it a more exact meaning and some atmosphere.

Connections (10 minutes):  What are some emotions people have?  List words that relate to these various emotions – colors, actions, settings, characters, events.

Story Development (10 minutes):  Choose one of the emotions we talked about.  Use as many of the items we listed on your Grandma Davis handout to place items into your story line.  Write a short story using these items.  Each student is going to have to come up with their own climax around which to build the plot.

Assessment:  Each student will draft a short story primarily depicting one strong emotion.  The actual writing of the story can take place after Grandma Davis leaves as an extension.


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