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Lesson Plan K/1

Objective:  Students will be able to pick important parts of a writing and use illustrations to emphasis the main points; students will be able to combine simple shapes to draw recognizable objects

Opening Activity (10 minutes):  Class will help Grandma Davis draw illustrations of sentences.  The first five will be sentences Grandma Davis brings; the second five will be sentences the class comes up with.  This will be done in a circle on the floor with Grandma Davis drawing the illustration on blank paper explaining as she draws.  She will also show a more developed drawing (done by her artist son, Ray) and bring the students to the conclusion that while the other is really a great representation of an object, the simple version Grandma Davis did was just fine as well – as will their illustrations be.

Determining Importance (10 minutes):  What’s important?  How do you determine what’s important in writings?  We will go through five two or three sentence writings and determine what words tell us what is happening in the writing (nouns, verbs).  We will then decide what parts of the writing help us to decide how to draw the picture (adjectives, adverbs).

Closing Activity (10 minutes):  Students will be given a Grandma Davis handout which is a paragraph (one or two sentences) to work with.  There will be twenty paragraphs so the students will be divided into groups so that each group can work on one of the paragraphs.  Students will be directed to do what we just did – find the nouns and verbs and determine which are important.  Then find the adjectives and adverbs to determine how to draw that which is important.

Assessment:  Each student will draw a picture to illustrate a particular paragraph of writing after identifying the main points in the paragraph.  The paragraphs illustrated can be posted on the wall in sequence to create an illustrated “book.”


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