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Lesson Plan Pre-K

Objective:  Students will be able to pick important building blocks of a story and create an original work

Opening Activity (10 minutes):  Grandma Davis will tell a few of Aesop’s fables to the class and allow the students to portray the characters and the action.

Creating Story Parts (10 minutes):  Students will discuss settings and characters that they have heard about in other stories.  Together, as a class, they will determine characters and setting for an original story.  Plot will be discussed on a simplistic level “what are they going to do?” and “how is it all going to end up?”

Closing Activity (10 minutes):  Students will work together to act out the story they have planned, complete with characters and plot.

Assessment:  Each student will participate in a re-enactment of an original story.  Students will provide original dialogue as a method of demonstrating their understanding of the characters and the plot.  This will involve characterization (voice, posture) as well as conversation (to advance the plot).


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