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Q: How do I get my own “Good Times with Gregory” book?

A: Click here to order online. If you would like your book autographed or gift wrapped, just let us know. Paypal will transact your purchase on their secure web site in their secure shopping cart. You will be directed back to our website when you have completed your transaction.


Q: Will you come speak at my school, bookstore, or function?

A: I would love to!  Please submit your request here.


Q: When will the next books in the Good Times With Gregory series be available?

A: The Construction and Deafness books are almost complete. We expect them to be released soon. We have two others (not in the Good Times with Gregory series) close to ready. The first is about modeling behavior and the second is a "scary story." We'll have some previews up shortly of these new books.


Q. Are you writing any other books?

A. Yes. The Journeys with Joseph series is underway. These are a cultural literacy tour through the 50 United States set in an activity book format for preschool aged children. We expect the first of these to be released within the next year. The Anya's Adventure series brings the whole family (Gregory, Anya, Joseph, and Victoria) together as they experience adventures through time and space with each other along with a mystical figure whom they meet after moving to a new house. The first in this series should be released in the next 18 months.