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Author in the School Programming

Thank you for your interest in Grandma Davis’ author in the school programming.  Grandma Davis’ goal in providing author in the school days is to help students realize that they can write, no matter their skill level, and they can illustrate, regardless of their art training.  Building self esteem and confidence are at the core of her writings and presentations.

Grandma Davis will come to your school and read either one of two of her published books to your students, at either the beginning of her visit or at the end.  In between she will meet with the students in small groups to present lessons related to writing and illustrating stories.  Each of these sessions is scheduled to last 30 minutes. 

The presentations are divided into grade groupings as follows:  Preschool Picking out Main Ideas, K/1  Illustrating writings and Determining the main point, 2/3  Process of writing, 4/5  Using emotions in writing, and 6/7/8  Writing and Illustrating.

There is some information Grandma Davis needs prior to arrival so she can bring an appropriate number of supplies to complete the lessons.  Please complete the information request form and fax it to Grandma Davis at (614) 734-8503 or scan the information and email it to  It is important that Grandma Davis receive your information a minimum of 8 calendar days prior to her visit to ensure that all of the necessary supplies are prepared and ready for the presentations.

Prior to Grandma Davis’ arrival the school (or one of your committees in need of funding) could hold a raffle for one student to read one of the books with Grandma Davis as the voice of Gregory during the entire school assembly.  If you go this route, Grandma Davis will present a personally autographed book to the reader.

Grandma Davis is a certified K-8 Ohio teacher.  She does not charge for her author in the school presentations.  She does not expect reimbursement for her expenses.  She does, however, ask that you provide publicity of the event.  Pictures in the local newspaper, on the school’s web site, with a local news show – something that promotes your school, the event, and Grandma Davis’ books.  Grandma Davis will bring a digital camera and will take pictures of the activities for uploading to her web site:

Grandma Davis will leave book order forms.  She will package the books for the individual orders and ship them back to the school office within ten days of her visit.  If you prefer, you can take orders in advance and she will bring the books with her.  10% of the sales of books to your school’s families will be donated back to your school.  In addition, for every 25 books ordered, Grandma Davis will donate one book to your school’s library.

Information Request Form

PDF Version of the Information Request Form

Book Order Form (only the Airplane Book and the Bird Book are currently in stock)

PDF Version of the Book Order Form


Sample Lesson Plans by Grade Level:
Middle School: Sixth/Seventh/Eighth


Preview of Selected Pages of the Airplane Book

Preview of Selected Pages of the Bird Book