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Lesson Plan Middle School (Grades 6, 7, and 8)

Objective:  Students will learn how to develop a complete story with illustrations

Opening Activity (10 minutes):  Students will be shown a skeleton and asked to identify what parts are important and what they are used for.  Students will be asked to identify the elements of a story coming up with setting, characters, plot, climax, resolution, grammar, word choice.  Then the elements will be paired up with the parts of the skeleton.

Writing Activity (7 minutes):  Using the Grandma Davis handout students will create story line elements.  This will be done once at the front of the room using random shout outs from the class.  After they see how quickly it can be done as a group, they will do it themselves.

Illustrating Activity (10 minutes):  Students will watch as Grandma Davis uses shapes to create recognizable objects.  The comparison between the artist’s renderings (her son, Ray) and her own will be made and it will be determined that both are recognizable but that Grandma Davis’ is unique to her style as is Ray’s unique to his style.  Students will then draw the same objects as Grandma Davis.

Story Development (3 minutes):  Students will recognize that they already have an outline completed and that they know how to draw certain elements described in their writings.  They will then write and illustrate their ideas.

Assessment:  Each student will draft a short story and illustrate it.  This may have to take place after Grandma Davis leaves as an extension.


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