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Grandma Davis, Author


Helen J Davis, aka Grandma Davis, is the proud mother of four and grandmother of four ... so far.  She has been married to her husband Roger for coming up on 30 years.  Professionally, Grandma Davis is a Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Tax Preparer, and Accredited Tax Advisor. She focuses on assisting families in reaching their goals.  Her passion for empowering children and building their self esteem permeates everything she does; from her professional efforts through her wide range of volunteer activities to the time she spends with her family.


Robyn Davis, Illustrator


Robyn L. Davis (Grandma Davis' oldest daughter) graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering.  While in Knoxville, she also completed minors in Adolescent Health and Psychology.  When Robyn isn't illustrating the "Good Times with Gregory" books, she enjoys leadership, community service, and travel. Robyn is the owner of When I Need Help, a full-service marketing company. You can visit her web site here. Robyn also trains exhibitors to be successful at trade shows. You can visit her web site dedicated to trade show success here.


Aunt Allie, Deafness Consultant


Aunt Allie has a couple of interests that are near and dear to her heart. First and foremost, her two nieces and two nephews.


Aunt Allie also spends a great deal of her time coxing for the NCAA Varisty Women's rowing team at the University of North Carolina. She also coxes for the Columbus Ohio Masters Team at the Greater Columbus Rowing Association. You will find out more about these activities of Aunt Allie in the soon to be released book: Good Times with Gregory: Construction: Big Machines and their Uses.


Aunt Allie also has a special place in her heart for spreading knowledge of American Sign Language. Aunt Allie was instrumental in the editing process of not only the language used but the illustrations drawn in the soon to be released book: Good Times with Gregory: Deafness: Using American Sign Languge.


Aunt Allie is attending college at the University of North Carolina.